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Ethereum Summary


  • Ethereum is an open-source blockchain based distributed computing platform featuring smart contracts.


  • Can run decentralized apps
  • Smart contracts
  • Huge community support
  • Fast block times compared to bitcoin
  • Huge number of Tokens have been launched via and ICO (initial coin offering)


  • Scalability- currently approx 10 transactions per second

  • ICO's are only as good as the developers so scams/hacks can effect the ETH price
  • Ethereum has already suffered significant hacks. See the DAO and parity hacks.


Sharding and other scaling projects could solve the scalability issues.


The smart contracts space is getting increasingly crowded.

Ethereum will have to fight off newer more technologically advanced coins like Cardano, NEO, and NEM if it wants to stay at the top of this space.


If the ICO bubble were to burst or another DAO style hack occurred then ETH could take a big hit and lose ground to the newer rivals.

However Ethereum should remain a blue chip crypto for the foreseeable future.

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