Stellar investors analysis

Stellar is a decentralized open source payment network. Stellar Lumens (XLM) are the native asset on the network that are used for facilitating exchanges.


  • Fees- A transaction fee of 0.00001 XLM  ($0.000005) is purely to deter DDoS attacks.
  • Near instant transaction settlement (0-5 seconds)
  • is non profit with an intent to fight global poverty 
  • Business partnerships- Stellar seems to be constantly adding new partnerships with IBM and DELOITTE being the biggest.


Stellar is a pre-mined coin with holding and distributing remaining tokens via airdrops over the next 10 years.

  • 17.85 Billion XLM in circulating supply out of 103.5 billion XLM total. 
  • A high XLM price would not necessarily further the  goal of reducing poverty. 


The main mission objective from is to reduce world poverty. 

They could become a global leader in blockchain banking and transactions.


Ripple is the obvious threat to Stellar as Ripple already has market share in this space and a much bigger corporate partnership portfolio.


The outlook for Stellar Lumens is tough to call.

 If you share Stellar.orgs desire to make the world a better place then this should be a worthwhile project to be involved with.

If however you are looking from a pure financial gains standpoint then the massive amounts of XLM still to enter circulation has to be carefully considered.

  •   Over 80+ Currency pairs. No verification to trade crypto to crypto.
  • Supported countries: Worldwide
  • Deposit methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO & BNB
  •   60+ Altcoins available.  User friendly.
  • Deposit currencies: AUD*, BTC, LTC, DOGE
  • Payment methods: BPAY, POLi, cash, cryptocurrency

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